Thank You!

I’m overwhelmed. More than 55,000 views of my music video in 6 days, #1 ranking in “Daily” section, and now #5 in “Weekly” section of YouTube (while YouTube is banned in Iran!), and tens of new emails every day.

I tried to answer each and every email and comment for a couple of days, but I can’t keep up anymore. I just wanted to say Thank You, and apologize if I didn’t answer your email… but keep them coming, please; I also enjoy reading your comments and thoughts!

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Dear KiaLovely video. Well done!Please be kind enough to have a look at my blog. I'm starting a new project on Persian Literature. It would be great if you can have a look and let me know what you think.Cheers,AliLink:;_ylt=AhhidvjBW4FWIDssVEyphASsAOJ3

Reza Badei
April 17, 2007

Dear Kia, Fantastic video clip for "Amor de la velocidad"! You are very talented, I really enjoyed... I have an Idea for a video clip for the same album & the song "Shab Raft"! And guess what? It has an English Subtitle... Will you be interested to hear me out & perhaps collaborate? I don't want any credit, I just would love to do an artistic project of making videos for the song I love... (That includes French, Spanish & now this Persian song... Let me know please Thanks for reading my comment & request, Best wishes, Reza (San Diego, CA)

Hamed Majnoonian
December 6, 2007

Update with new ideas commander! It's been a while that there is no new news from your side!

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