A panel on Entrepreneurship in Iran, sponsored by The Munk School of Global Affairs, with Mehdi Yahyanejad and Navid Khonsari, and moderated by Mahshid Nadiry.

Interview with Tania Darband / VoA

Summer 2010 – San Francisco

Ahmad Kiarostami has worked in cinema and software industries for twenty years. After taking on leadership roles at Microsoft Middle East, he founded three companies including the first multimedia and online production venue

Paper presented as part of panel

“Iran: Cultural Renaissance?”

Stanford University
October 10, 2007

گفتگو با احمد کیارستمی؛ سازنده موزیک ویدئوی عشق سرعت

صابره محمدکاشی

روزنامه نگار مقیم تورنتو

نیازی به دانستن نام نیست. احمد کیارستمی واقعا به پدرش عباس کیارستمی، کارگردان


Ahmad, first things first, one can’t help but notice your last name when looking at your profile. So are you related to Makhmalbaf? 🙂


Yes we are related. My brother Bahman once

With Ramin & Zartosht in New York – June 2004

The next India?

Iranian software industry

February 29, 2000
The Iranian

This article was originally published in Iran Focus.

As Iran seeks ways to diversify its export base and move away from over-reliance on oil exports, both the government