[Video] Mehrabad Airport’s coffeeshop welcomes you!


See it here.

Jan 16, 2007Etc
  1. Cool!!

    Love the picture on top 🙂

  2. simply said you are brilliant. please don’t allow your talent to go unnoticed.

    thank you for everything specially eshghe soraat.

  3. siyaves azeri says:

    April 11, 2007 at 3:08 pm

    Very funny, I loved it! Keep going…

  4. Thanks for giving me the chuckle! Somehow it’s charming and nostalgic…

  5. That was a great video. After watching it I felt hungry and I want to have my BREKFAST.

  6. That video shows many hidden facts.
    Please keep up the awesome work. You are brilliant in showing the contrasts in an ironic way…

    Best of luck

  7. good job…
    actually this kinda mistakes are alot around tehraneh aziz!..az nevedshtehaye rooyeh notebooke bacheha gerefteh ta neveshtehayeh rooyeh dampaeeha!! va ya poshteh mashinha…shotor see not see! for example..or mikymoze(mickymouse)!!
    that would be interesting if you could collect more…wish you the best.

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